Swing voters have their say on the budget



Mother of three.


Age 41

Occupation: Small business owner from Wodonga.

Seat: Indi (regional Victoria) held by independent MP Cathy McGowan.

* Universities fees: My son will be going to uni in a couple of years in Melbourne to study medicine. He may not able to access Youth Allowance because our family’s income will be slightly over the threshold.

* Small business: Money for start-ups, tax relief.

* Health: Want to see hospital waiting lists go down. Shortage of staff at regional hospitals that can compromise quality of care.

* Tax: Concerned about bracket creep. People should be rewarded for working hard.

* Transport: Bullet train or decent reliable transport connecting rural areas to the city.


Age 64

Occupation: Desktop publisher from Braidwood.

Seat: Eden-Monaro (regional NSW) held by Liberal Peter Hendy.

* Infrastructure spending: Public transport.

* Renewable energy: Opportunities for farmers to make extra income by hosting solar and wind farms.

* Health.

* Education.


Mother of a toddler. Age 35.

Occupation: Youth development worker from Launceston.

Seat: Bass (regional Tasmania) held by Liberal Andrew Nikolic.

* Education: Equity in funding for all schools based on student need. If not Gonski, is there an alternative model that will demonstrate equitable distribution?

* Health: Concern about emergency services. As a taxpayer and a private health fund member it doesn’t seem there is any return on my investment. Either it’s a long, protracted wait in one system or an inaccessible gap to pay in the other.

* Jobs: Youth unemployment a particular concern in Northern Tasmania. Looking for stimulus that encourages jobs growth.

* Environment: Looking for investment in renewable energy ventures that will provide jobs growth.


Lives with partner. Age 27.

Occupation: Environmental engineer from West Perth.

Seat: Perth (Western Australia) being vacated by Labor’s Alannah MacTiernan.

* Bracket creep needs to be dealt with.

* Not in favour of lowering company tax rates, probably the opposite if anything.

* Funding education, health and social services.

* Looking for measures to crack down on multinational tax avoidance. Happy for superannuation tax concessions to be scaled back for high-income earners.


Single. Age 24.

Occupation: Community radio general manager from Kensington.

Seat: Melbourne, held by Adam Bandt for the Greens.

* Youth Allowance and welfare for young people.

* Domestic and family violence funding.

* Funding for medium and small-sized arts organisations engaged in community development.


Living with partner. Age 33.

Occupation: Training officer for water sanitation organisation from Rosalie.

Seat: Brisbane, being vacated by Liberal Teresa Gambaro.

* Spending on measures to protect Great Barrier Reef and solar energy.

* Maternity leave: Would be great if there was a bit more support financially. The minimum time you have to work at an organisation before you’re eligible for maternity leave can be a problem especially if you change jobs. It’s off-putting because you think, `I’m not going to get pregnant now’, but getting pregnant is sometimes not easy.

* Health.

* Education.