Bali Nine member has ice addiction: prison

Bali Nine member Michael Czugaj has been moved from Indonesia’s notorious Kerobokan prison, with authorities saying he is strongly addicted to the drug ice and needed to be separated from “his network” in jail.


The Australian was sentenced to life imprisonment after the then-19-year-old was arrested at Denpasar Airport in April 2005 with heroin strapped to his body.

Czugaj was moved to Madiun Prison in East Java overnight on Wednesday, after he was allegedly found holding less than a gram of “sabu sabu” or ice at Kerobokan prison, the Head of Bali Corrections Division Nyoman Putra Surya said.

Nyoman alleged the Australian’s “addiction was strong” and that leftover ice was “often” found in his cell.

He was one of more than 60 prisoners who were moved in the early hours of the morning, seven of whom were foreigners with six of those from Iran.

A friend of Czugaj, who did not wish to be named, told AAP he had been moved at around 3am, in such a rush that he was only allowed to take a pair of pants and a t-shirt.

It is understood he will be placed into isolation when he gets to the East Java jail.

Nyoman told reporters that Czugaj had got from the drug from a visitor and that they needed to move him “far away from his (drug) network in Bali.

It was alleged the Australian admitted to using ice while in the prison but denies ever dealing the drug.

“Every time we found (the drug), it was always only leftovers. We want to prove it directly,” Nyoman added.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs told AAP it was continuing to provide all appropriate consular assistance to Czugaj.

“Due to privacy obligations we are unable to provide further information,” they said in a statement.